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Can't believe I have been in Santa Fe, on and off, for 23 years now, after 15 years in California. and NYC and London before that. Most important for me recently is that I lost my job in 2008. As a result, after putzing around for a few months, I started writing a satirical novel about high society in Santa Fe called "Divas Never Flinch." I found a publisher and it has now been published as an e-book on Amazon, Barns and Nobel and Smashwords. How about that? The printed version will come out later. It seems publishing is all about e-books these days. Break out your Kindles everyone. Luckily I did find a part time job which supports my writing till someone finally gets the idea to offer me a movie deal on Divas, but until then the job suits me well, and it allows me to continue writing. So far I have a collection of short stories, an adventure cookbook for kids and a Vampire tale call "Bloodlines." I am currently working on a political thriller. But since I have a propensity towards humor, even that has many humorous episodes. And as I love writing, I just keep at it.

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